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These International Business address formats and personal salutations are condensed from Merriam Webster's Guide to International Business Communications, which discusses the various elements in greater detail. If you see any errors that you can correct or additions that you can suggest, please e-mail us at....."Addresses & Salutations"


Postal Address

Address Elements

Argentina Sr. Juan Pérez
Editorial Internacional S.A.
Av. Sarmiento 1337, 8º P. C
S.A.=Sociedad Anónima (corporation)
Av. Sarmiento = name of street
1337 = building number
8º = 8th. P = Piso (floor)
C = room or suite
C1035AAB = postcode + city
CF = Capital Federal
Sr.= Señor (Mr.)
Sra.= Señora (Mrs.)
Srta.= Señorita (Miss)
Don't use given names except with people you know well!
Australia Mr. Roger Lewis
International Publishing Pty.Ltd.
166 Kent Street, Level 9
GPO Box 3542
Pty.Ltd.= Proprietory Limited (corp.)
166 = building number
Kent Street = name of street
Level = floor
GPO Box = Post office box
city + state (abbrev.) + postcode
Mr. and Mrs. used on first contact. (Ms. not common)
Business is informal -use given name freely.
Austria Herrn
Dipl.-Ing. J.Gerdenitsch
International Verlag Ges.m.b.H.
Glockengasse 159
1010 WIEN
Herrn = To Mr. Separate line.
Dipl.-Ing.= engineering degree
Ges.m.b.H.= a corporation
Glockengasse = street name
159 = building number
1010 = postcode + city
(WIEN is Vienna)
Herr= Mr. Frau= Mrs.
Fräulein obsolete in business, so do not use Miss. Given names are almost never used in business.
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Postal AddressAddress ElementsSalutations
(French speaking)
Monsieur L. Bogaerts
Éditions Internationales S.A.
Rue P. J. Delcloche 19
4020 LIÈGE
S.A.= a corporation
Rue = street
19 = building number
4020 = postcode + city
(City must be capitalized)
Monsieur = Mr.
Southern Belgium speaks French. Use Mr./Mrs. or Monsieur/Madame.
(Flemish/ Dutch speaking)
Dhr. W. Sterckx
    Uitgeversmaatschappij N.V.
Pelikaanstraat 104
N.V. = a corporation
Pelikaanstraat = street name
104 = building number
2018 = postcode + city
(Brussels is bi-lingual.)
Dhr.= De heer (Mr.)
North Belgium speaks Flemish/Dutch. Use Mr. and Mrs. -Flemish/ Dutch equivalents are generally not used.
Brazil Ilmo. Sr.
Gilberto Rabello Ribeiro
Editores Internacionais S.A.
Rua da Ajuda, 228-6º Andar
Caixa Postal 2574
Ilmo.= Ilustrissimo (honorific)
Ilma.= Ilustrissima (hon.female)
S.A.=Sociedade Anônima(corporation)
Rua = street, da Ajuda = street name
228 = building number
6º = 6th. Andar = floor
Caixa Postal =
20040-000 = postcode + city
- RJ = state (abbrev.)
Sr.= Senhor (Mr.)
Sra.= Senhora (Mrs.)
Family name at end -eg.Senhor Ribeiro (Rabello is mother's family - as Portugal) Given names readily used in business.
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Postal AddressAddress ElementsSalutations
(English speaking)
Jane MacAllister
International Publishing, Ltd.
249 Adelaide St. E., Suite 203
Ltd.= Limited liability corporation
249 = building number
St.= street. E.= East
Suite = office in a shared building
City + two-letter province abbrev.
Postcode with space.
Business somewhat informal and use of given names common. Mr.,Mrs.,and Miss or Ms.
(French speaking)
Jean-Louis Maçon
Éditions Internationales Ltêe.
1901 rue Notre-Dame O.,bur.75
Case Postale 1123
Ltée = Limitée (corporation)
1901 = building number
rue = street
O.= Ouest (West)
bur.= bureau (room or suite)
Case Postale = P.O. box
Last 3 elements must be on same line.
Monsieur, Madame and Mademoiselle used, best not to abbreviate.
China Xia Zhiyi
International Publishing Ltd.
14 Jianguolu
BEIJING 100025
Ltd.= Limited liability corporation
14 = building number
Jianguolu = street name (lu = street)
Chaoyangqu = district name
City + postcode
Mandarin Chinese is official written language of all China.
Family name (single syllable) first, Given name (2- syllables) second -sometimes reversed.
Use Mr. or Ms. at all times - Mr.Xia
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Postal AddressAddress ElementsSalutations
Denmark Anders Sørensen
Internationalt Forlag a/s
Vesterbrogade 8,
a/s = a corporation
-gade = street
8 = building number
5 = 5th.floor. th = on the right
1780 = postcode + city
V = Postal district (V = West)
Hr. = Mr. Fr. = Ms.
Do not use Miss.
Business is informal -use given names freely.
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Postal AddressAddress ElementsSalutations
France Monsieur LEFÈVRE Alain
Éditions Internationales S.A.
Siège Social
Immeuble Le Bonaparte
64-68, av. Galliéni
B.P. 154
75942 PARIS CEDEX 19
S,A.= Société Anonyme
Siège Social = head office
Immeuble = building + name
64-68 = building occupies 64, 66, 68
av. = avenue (no initial capital)
B.P.= Boîte Postale (
93155 = postcode
CEDEX = postcode is for
Monsieur = Mr.
Madame = Mrs.
Mademoiselle = Miss
Best not to abbreviate.
Family name is sometimes capitalized with given name following.
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Postal AddressAddress ElementsSalutations
Germany Herrn
Gerhardt Schneider
International Verlag GmbH
Schillerstraße 159
Herrn = To Herr, on separate line.
GmbH = Inc. (incorporated)
-straße = street ('ß' often written 'ss')
159 = building number
44147 = postcode + city
Herr= Mr. Frau= Mrs. Fräulein obsolete in business. Business is formal. Do not use given names unless invited. Use academic titles precisely.
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Postal AddressAddress ElementsSalutations
India Shyam Lal Gupta
    Publishing (Pvt.) Ltd.
1820 Rehaja Centre
214, Darussalam Road
Andheri East
BOMBAY - 400049
(Pvt.) = privately owned
Ltd.= Limited liability corporation
1820 = poss. office #20 on 18th floor
Rehaja Centre = building name
214 = building number
Andheri East = suburb name
City + hyphen + postcode
Shri = Mr.
Shrimati = Mrs. but Mr., Mrs. and Miss are used. English is a common business language. Given names are used only by family and close friends.
Israel Ephraim Ben-Aharon
International Publishers Ltd.
25, Druyanov Street
63143 TEL AVIV
English company names are common.
Ltd.= Limited liability corporation
25 = building number
63143 = postcode + city
Use Mr. and Ms. on first contact, but given names are freely used in business.
Italy Egr. Sig.
Giacomo Mariotti
Edizioni Internazionali S.p.A.
Via Terenzio, 21
20138 MILANO
Egr.= Egregio (honorific)
Sig.= Signor (not nec. separate line)
S.p.A.= Società per Azioni (corp.)
Via = street
21 = building number
20138 = postcode + city
Signore (Sig.) = Mr.
Signora (Sig.ra) = Mrs.
(Ms.= Sig.a) Women in business addressed as Signora.
Use given name only when invited.
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Postal AddressAddress ElementsSalutations
Japan Mr. Taro Tanaka
Kokusai Shuppan K.K.
10-23, 5-chome, Minamiazabu
K.K.= Kabushiki Kaisha (corporation)
10 = Lot number
23 = building number
5-chome = area #5
Minamiazabu = neighborhood name
Minato-ku = city district
City + postcode
Given names not used in business. Family name + job title are used.
Or use family name + -san. (Tanaka-san) More respectfully, add -sama or -dono.
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Postal AddressAddress ElementsSalutations
Korea Mr. KIM Chang-ik
International Publishers Ltd.
Room 206, Korea Building
33-4 Nonhyon-dong
SEOUL 135-010
English company names common.
Ltd.= a corporation
206= Office number inside the building
33-4 = Area 4 of subdivision 33
-dong = city neighborhood name
-ku = subdivision of city
City + postcode
Family name normally first but sometimes placed after given name. A 2-part name is the given name.
Use Mr./Mrs in letters, job title in speech.
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Postal AddressAddress ElementsSalutations
Mexico Sr. Francisco Pérez Martínez
Editores Internacionales S.A.
Independencia No.322
Col. Juárez
06050 MEXICO D.F.
S.A.= Sociedad Anónima (corporation)
Independencia = street name
No.= Número (Number)
322 = building number
Col.= Colonia (city district)
Juárez = Locality name
06050= postcode + city
D.F.= Distrito Federal(Federal capital)
Señor (Sr.)=Mr.
Señora (Sra.)=Mrs.
Señorita (Srta.)=Miss
Family name in middle -eg.Sr.Pérez (Martínez is mother's family). Given names are used in business.
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Postal AddressAddress ElementsSalutations
Poland Pan Robert Kowalski
Biuro Tlumaczen Sp. z o.o.
ul. Grodzka 25/4
31-525 KRAKOW
Sp. z o.o.= Limited liability corporation
ul. = Street
25 = Building number
4 = Suite number
31-525 = postcode + city
Pan = Mr.
Pani = Mrs./Ms./Miss
Given name is first. Business is rather formal, do not use given names unless invited.
Portugal Exmo. Senhor
Luis Martins Rodrigues
Internacional Edição S.A.
Rua de S. Bento, 39-4.B
Apartado 2574
Exmo.= honorific
Senhor = Mr.(not usually abbreviated)
S.A.= Sociedade Anônima (corp.)
Rua = street
39=building number,4th.floor,office B
Apartado =
1114 = postcode + city
CODEX says postcode is for
Senhor =Mr.
Senhora =Mrs.
Senhorita =Miss
Family name at end -eg.Senhor Rodrigues (Martins is mother's family).
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Postal AddressAddress ElementsSalutations
Saudi Arabia Ahmad Faraj Al Ghamdi
International Publishing Ltd.
P.O.Box 4732
RIYADH 11491
English company names are used.
Ltd.= a corporation
P.O.Boxes always used.
- no postal delivery to street addresses.
City + postcode
Use Mr.+ given name -Mr.Ahmad- or family name -Mr.Al Ghamdi.
'Sheikh' used for Royal family and sometimes for senior executives.
South Africa Mr. Mandla Ntuli
    Publishing (Pty.)Ltd.
Private Bag X2581
Pty.= Proprietory (privately owned)
Ltd.= a corporation
Private Bag = P.O.Box
City + postcode (or Postcode + city)

Official languages English and Afrikaans (similar to Dutch)

Meneer (Mnr.) = Mr.
Mevrou (mev.) = Mrs.
Mejuffrou (Miss) not used in business.
Business becoming less formal, use of given names possible.
Spain Sr. Don
Alberto López Cisneros
Editores Internacionales S.A.
Calle San Bernado, 15-3º-C
28015 MADRID
Sr.= Mr.(on separate line)
Don/Doña = respectful additional title
S.A.= Sociedad Anónima (corporation)
Calle = street
San Bernado = street name
15 = building number,3rd.floor,suite C
28015 = postcode + city
Señor (Sr.)=Mr.
Señora (Sra.)=Mrs.
Señorita (Srta.)=Miss
Family name in middle -Sr.López (Cisneros is mother's family name) Given names not used in business. Use Señor rather than Mr.
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Postal AddressAddress ElementsSalutations
United Kingdom Mr. N. J. Lancaster
International Publishing Ltd.
Kingsbury House
12 Kingsbury Road
Middlesex       HA8 9XG
N. J.= initials of given names.
Ltd.= Limited liability corporation.
Kingsbury House = building name.
12 = building number.
Kingsbury Road = name of street/road
EDGEWARE = city (capitalized)
Middlesex = county (not capitalized)
HA8 9XG = postcode (after 6 spaces -or on separate line)
Mr. and Ms. mostly. Mrs./Miss sometimes used in North and by older women.
Given names -called Christian names- used in business after some time - Wait to be invited.
United States Ellen Krueger Murphy
International Publishing Inc.
16850 S. Union St., Suite.2250
HOUSTON TX   77002
Inc.= Incorporated (a corporation)
16850 = building number.
S.= South section.
Union St.= name of street.
Suite = shared office in large building.
2250 = suite number.
HOUSTON = city name.
TX = standard 2-letter State abbrev.
77002 = postcode.
Use Mr. and Ms. in correspondence. (Mrs. and Miss rarely used in business.)
Use Mr. and Ms. on first contact but change to given names quickly.
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Postal AddressAddress ElementsSalutations
Venezuela Sr. José González
Editores Internacionales C.A.
Edif. Bolívar, Piso 7, Of. 3-A
Av. Madrid No. 322
Urb. Las Mercedes
CARACAS 1060, D.F.
C.A.= Compañía Anónima (corp.)
Edif.= Edificio (Building)
Bolívar = name of building.
Piso 7 = 7th.floor.
Of.= Oficina (Suite), number 3-A
Av.=Avenida (Avenue)
No.= Número (Number) 322
Urb.= Urbanización
Las Mercedes = name of locality.
CARACAS = city + postcode
D.F.= Distrito Federal (Fed. District)
Señor (Sr.)=Mr.
Señora (Sra.)=Mrs. (Señorita (Srta.)=Miss not used in business)
Family name in middle (as Spain) - Mother's name usually dropped for business. Given names used - wait to be invited.


* Merriam Webster's Guide to International Business Communications.

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