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Idioms: bust my butt -- butter fingers

bust my butt work very hard, work my fingers to the bone She busts her butt to earn a good wage, and he spends it.
bust out escape, get away, break out Hey, man. I can bust out of here if you have a rope.
busted charged by the police, arrested Shane got busted for trafficking. He sold cocaine to some kids.
busy as a beaver (See as busy as a beaver)
but good completely, thoroughly, and how If somebody hurts her, she'll get revenge, but good!
butt buttocks, backside, bum If you tell anybody that I like her, I'll kick your butt.
butt in intrude, interrupt When a salesman butts in, tell him to butt out.
butt of the joke (See the butt of the joke)
butt out go away, beat it, get lost We asked him to butt out so we could have a private talk.
butter fingers unable to catch or hold, cement hands When Anna dropped the ball, Shelly said, "Butter fingers!"
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