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Idioms: run out -- run the show

run out use all, not have enough, run short Dad, we've run out of coffee. Will you make some more?
run out of patience (See lose patience)
run out of town chase out of town, the bum's rush If you don't pay property taxes they'll run you out of town.
run rampant spread quickly, go out of control A disease can run rampant in a ghetto. It's difficult to control.
run roughshod force his way, step on people The foreman is mean. He'll try to run roughshod over you.
run short have less than you need, run out First we ran out of coffee. Then we ran short of wine.
run the gamut look at what is available, check the range of choices We ran the whole gamut of colors but she didn't like any of them.
run the gauntlet run past the enemy, go through a dangerous area After three job interviews, I felt like I'd run the gauntlet.
run the risk be at risk, be unable to control the risk or danger When you invest in stocks, you run the risk of losing money.
run the show manage the project, call the shots Talk to Luc if you want to change anything. He's running the show.
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